Potential in ¡¤ Will burn Ø­2019Annual elite honor festival bright end ZhuoYa group

2019Years4Month13Day£¬ZhuoYa group¡°Potential in£¬Will burn¡±Kang, annual elite honor awards in sanya bay hotel grand launch¡£The chairman Mr Wang Shengxiao ZhuoYa group¡¢President li wei¡¢Vice President of high with Mr Green¡¢Vice President Mr Xu Renwen¡¢Vice President of ms Li Donglan¡¢ZhuoYa group perform ZhuoYa and director of the general manager Mr Zhang Zanfeng¡¢Disk guest treasure general manager Mr WeiChuanHui senior leaders lead, etc2000More than the Smurfs gathered£¬Witness ZhuoYa group in the past 11 years of growth and glory¡£ To view more>>